Worlds Fair Nano is a whirlwind two-day festival filled with mind-blowing technology, futurist talks, interactive art, live music, food, and more. At Worlds Fair Nano, we believe the future should be fun.

Interactive Tech Exhibits

At Worlds Fair Nano, you get to experience futuristic technology first hand! This is the stuff you’ve probably only read about. There are no display cases. This is an opportunity to look, listen, touch, and play.




It’s not just for incredibly immersive gaming, although we do love that application. It’s also being applied to the medical field for remote surgeries. There are even companies we know working on a fully virtual world intended to replace our own. Ready Player One fans take note!


From 3D printed clothing and jewelry to clothing with embedded sensors and programmable LEDs, we’ve got it all!


Still playing N64? Us too, but at least you have more options now. Immerse yourself in the emerging world of VR gaming. Try on haptics. Strap in to motion simulators. It’s about to get intense.


‘Humans get to have all the fun,’ they said. Not anymore Kitty Kitty! Pet tech is in, and, with all of the new gadgets out there, you can practically turn your furry friend into a cyborg! Okay not quite, but you get the idea.



The home of the future is one that listens, responds, and optimizes. It’s definitely wifi connected, and it may know you better than you know yourself. 2016 was the year of the smart thermostat. 2017 Amazon Alexa hit the scene in a big way. What’s next?!


Build-your-own-bot kits that teach programming, telepresence robotics, and artificially intelligent machines are all hitting the scene today thanks to a handful of our friends.



Wearable tech includes everything from your smartwatch to your meditative EEG headband to possibly even implantable technology that exists permanently under your skin, which sounds creepy, we know. Cyborgin ain’t easy.



Space has been a dream for decades – probably millenium actually. But today, with the recent privatization of the space industry, we may be closer than ever to getting there. And we don’t just mean landing on another planet. We mean colonizing it.


Try microgreens, eat genetically enhanced fruit, and learn about vertical farming and other sustainable techniques.



If seeing is believing, then the future is going to be a very confusing place. Augmented reality HMDs, phone apps, and displays are visually integrating the digital into the physical.



‘High tech’ isn’t just reserved for research labs and the elite. From speakers that ‘play fire’ to the latest innovations in headphone technology, we’ve got the stuff you can buy in our on-site Future Store and use in your everyday life.


Each Worlds Fair Nano event has a massive drones activation capable of flying up to 30 drones simultaneously. Drones are fun toys, but their largest applications are currently in the sectors of agriculture, business, and the military.


Each Worlds Fair Nano event features a massive 500-foot megatrack for testing electric skateboards, hoverboards, one-wheeled contraptions, e-bikes, and basically any other type of electric ‘rideable’ you can imaging! Helmets provided 🙂


Cloned puppies? Gene editing? Bionic limbs? This isn’t just the stuff of science fiction anymore.



Imagine a city powered 100% by renewable energy sources, one with an autonomous mass-transit system so good that cars and roads could be completely eliminated, one with more outdoor parks and green space per capita, and, let’s not forget, one with free public wifi.



With solar now becoming more economical than fossil fuels, you’ll have no reason not to switch over. That’s not only better for you, but also our planet. Learn about new ways to integrate renewable energy into your life.



Come draw with 3D Pens and take home your own hand-drawn hipster glasses! Also, learn about latest advancements in 3D printing technology including 3D printed homes, artificial organs, and even food.


Meet your new favorite word: teledildonics. That’s right, wifi connected vibrating devices of all kinds – male and female adapted. This is a game changer for long distance relationships, and, with a little creativity, much more.


Talk about ‘going places.’ With the explosion of electric cars on the road, recently formed companies working on the hyperloop, autonomous vehicle technology, and advancements in rocket tech, it seems like we’re staged for a win here.


The future of food is lab grown meat, it is robotic chefs, 3D printed food, augmented reality restaurant experiences, and smart kitchen appliances. It is also probably vegan, locally grown, and centered around whole foods. Meet the companies making it happen.


The future is many more things than 20 flippy boxes can show. Come to the fair and discover it for yourself!

The Talks

Every Worlds Fair Nano has an epic lineup of pioneers speaking on the future of our world. Here are a few previous speakers.

The Future of American Leadership

The Future of American Leadership

Tim Kaine

United States Senator

The Future of Smart Cities

The Future of Smart Cities

Karen Tay

Smart Cities Director, Government of Singapore

The Future of Art

The Future of Art

Carter Cleveland

CEO, Artsy

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Richard Socher

Chief Scientist, Salesforce

The Future of Robots

The Future of Robots

Oussama Khatib

Head of Robotics, Stanford University

The Future of Mars Exploration

The Future of Mars Exploration

Dr. Anita Sengupta

Aerospace Engineer, NASA

The Future of Equality

The Future of Equality

Roya Mahboob

CEO, Digital Citizen Fund

The Future of Internet Celebrity

The Future of Internet Celebrity

Nigel Sylvester

Professional BMXer and Youtube

The Future of Location Data

The Future of Location Data

Dennis Crowley

Co-Foudner & CEO, Foursquare

The Future of Living With Androids

The Future of Living With Androids



The Future of the Brain

The Future of the Brain

David Eagleman

American Writer & Neurosceintist

The Future of Dating

The Future of Dating

Justin McLeod

CEO, Hinge

The Art

Get hands on with interactive tech-art from the future!

Augmented Reality Art Gallery

In this art gallery of the future, the art will jump right off the walls. Moving paintings aren’t just for Hogwarts anymore.


Like Jen Lewin’s piece to the right, Aqueous, which visitors to a Worlds Fair Nano in New York got to jump on and see the colors changes with their steps!

Food Trucks and Future Food

Step outside, and take a break from all the action. Think food trucks, future food, live music, beer garden, and outdoor lounge!!

Food Trucks

We have over 10 of NYC’s finest food trucks parked outside for lunch, snacks, and dinner too. Think lobster rolls, Philly cheese steaks, brick oven pizza, hot dumplings, ice cream, vegetarian/vegan options, and more!

Future Food

Try cricket protein bars, chewable coffee, drinkable meals, synthetic meat, 3D printed food, and other delectable bites from the future.

Ice Cream & Coffee

Two crucial elements to any futuristic experience.

Beer Garden

Take a break from the future, grab a nice cold beer, have a seat at a picnic bench, and enjoy a beautiful March day in San Francisco!

Our Mission

Are the beliefs that we hold to be true going to take our species into the best version of the future? We don’t know the answer to that question, and Worlds Fair Nano is the embodiment of our search for an answer. By growing Worlds Fair Nano, we plan to organize the first six month Worlds Fair in the U.S. since 1984. We hope to connect many millions of people with the future along the way.