Experience the future!

Join us for a whirlwind two-day festival filled with mind-blowing technology, futurist talks, interactive art, live music, food, and more. At Worlds Fair Nano, we believe the future should be fun.


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The Interactive Tech Exhibits

Stop by our Technology Playground to experience futuristic technology first hand! This is the stuff you’ve probably only read about. There will be no display cases. This is an opportunity to look, listen, touch, and play.



Shred Your City Like A Snowboard

Podo Labs

The First Stick And Shoot Camera


Monitor And Interact With Your Pet Remotely

Lief Therapeutics

Wearable Stress Relief


Augmented Reality For Nutrition

The Burn

Experience The Playa In VR

Stimuli VR

Change The Way You See The World

Azoth Pyramid

Transcend Your Consciousness


Customizable Coffee Robot

Motiv Ring

Fitness, Heart Rate, And Sleep Tracker


Virtual Reality Education Game

Ashley Chloe

Wearable Technology With Built-in Headphones

Virtual World Arcade

Arena-Scale Virtual Reality Arcade


Make Toys

AMY Robotics

Your Personal Robot Assistant


Hear What You Want To Hear

Personal Prosthetics

Experiment With Gesture Control

Hampton Creek

Plant Based Innovation

Titanium Falcon

Gesture Controlled Smart Ring


The Indoor Ariel Revolution


Tiny Portable Motion Alarm


Wearable Advertising

Norcal Mars Society

Exploration And Settlement Of The Red Planet


Vertical Farming


VR/AR Innovation


Pleasure With A Purpose

The Talks

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have an epic lineup of pioneers speaking on the future of our world. The speaker series goes all day Saturday and Sunday. Talks are first come first seated.


The Future of Unbiased Hiring

The Future of Unbiased Hiring

Dr. Frida Polli

CEO, Pymetrics

The Future of Living With Androids

The Future of Living With Androids



The Future of Cyborgs

The Future of Cyborgs

Zoltan Istvan


The Future of Living With Androids

The Future of Living With Androids

Bruce Duncan

Managing Director, Terasem Movement Foundation

The Future of Moonshots

The Future of Moonshots

Naveen Jain

Founder, Moon Express


The Future of Immortality

The Future of Immortality

Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation

The Future of Food

The Future of Food

Josh Tetrick

CEO, Hampton Creek Bio

The Future of the Quantified Self

The Future of the Quantified Self

David Ewing Duncan

CEO, Arc Fusion

The Future of Solar Energy

The Future of Solar Energy

Joe Jordan

Director, Sky Power Institute

The Art

Get hands on with interactive tech-art from the future!

Augmented Reality Art Gallery

In this art gallery of the future, the art will jump right off the walls. Moving paintings aren’t just for Hogwarts anymore.


Expect a large scale-art piece, like Jen Lewin’s piece to the right which was featured at the last Worlds Fair Nano in New York.

The Food Fest

Step outside, and take a break from all the action. Think food trucks, future food, live music, beer garden, and outdoor lounge!!

Food Trucks

We have over 10 of NYC’s finest food trucks parked outside for lunch, snacks, and dinner too. Think lobster rolls, Philly cheese steaks, brick oven pizza, hot dumplings, ice cream, vegetarian/vegan options, and more!

Ice Cream

Bring your sweet tooth and enjoy some of SF’s best local ice cream vendors.


Relax, recharge, and get back in there! We’ve got plenty of caffeine to keep you experiencing the future all day long.

Beer Garden

Take a break from the future, grab a nice cold beer, have a seat at a picnic bench, and enjoy a beautiful March day in San Francisco!

The Speaker Schedule

Don’t miss your favorite speakers and topics! Note: Doors to the event open, to the general audience, at 10:00am. The talks begin 20 minutes after doors open each day.


10:20AM Panel: The Future of Virtual Reality
11:00AM The Future of Science

Keri Kukral, Founder, Raw Science TV

11:20AM The Future of Consumer

Matt Britton, CEO, Crowdtap

11:40AM The Future of Art

Jen Lewin, Artist

12:00PM The Future of Work

Dennis Mortensen, CEO, x.ai

12:20PM The Future of Robots

Hod Lipson, Professor of Engineering, Columbia University

12:40PM The Future of Artificially Intelligent People and Us

BINA48, Sentient Robot, Mindfile of Bina Rothblatt

Bruce Duncan, Managing Director, Terasem Movement

Dr. William Barry, Associate Professor of Philosophy & World’s First Philosophy Professor for Artificial Intelligent Being, NDNU

Maria Gomez Rachelle, CEO, Living Leadship Today

1:10PM The Future of Basic Income

Andy Stern, Author, Raising The Floor

1:30PM The Future of Brooklyn

Eric Adams, Borough President, Brooklyn

1:50PM The Future of Bioengineering

Randal J. Kirk, CEO, Intrexon

2:40PM The Future of Vertical Farms

David Rosenberg, CEO, Aerofarms

3:00PM The Future of Social Impact

Dr. Joon Yun, President, Palo Alto Investors

3:20PM The Future of Location Data

Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Foursquare

3:40PM The Future of Psychedelic Science

Dr. Stephen Ross, Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry, NYU

4:00PM The Future of Inspiration

Michael Weiss, CEO, Worlds Fair USA

4:20PM The Future of Internet Celebrity

Nigel Sylvester, American BMX Rider

4:40PM The Future of Equality

Roya Mahboob, Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Citizen Fund

5:00PM StarTalk All-Stars: The Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence

Hosted by Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence)

Guest: Dr. Douglas Vakoch, President, METI International (Messaging Extraterrestial Intelligence)

Co-hosted by comedian Chuck Nice & Eureka! Science Comedy producer Allen Saakyan


10:20AM The Future of Education

Nancy Conrad, Founder & Chairman, Conrad Foundation

10:40AM The Future of Career Happiness

Kathryn Minshew, CEO, The Muse

11:00AM The Future of Ethical Technology

Max Stossel, Co-Founder, Time Well Spent

11:20AM The Future of Music

Spectrum, Virtual Reality DJ Duo

11:40AM The Future of Intimacy

Toon Timmermans, CEO, Kiiroo

12:00PM The Future of Human Potential

Marc Elliot, Motivational Speaker Who Cured Himself of Tourette’s Syndrom

12:20PM The Future of the Built Environment

Skylar Tibbets, Co-Founder & Director, Self-Assembly Lab at MIT

12:40PM The Future of Quantum Computers

Eric Ladizinsky, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, D-Wave

1:10PM The Future of Personal Crisis

Baylee Greenberg, COO, Crisis Text Line

1:30PM The Future of Flying Cars

Mark Jennings-Bates, VP, Pal-V

1:50PM The Future of Fashion

Billie Whitehouse, CEO, WearableX

2:10PM The Future of Entrepreneurship

Adeo Ressi, CEO, Founder Institute

2:40PM The Future of Libraries

Anthony Marx, President, The New York Public Library

3:00PM The Future of Dating

Justin McLeod, CEO, Hinge

3:20PM The Future of Cities

Gonzalo Cruz, Principal, AECOM Urban Landscape and Design Studio

3:40PM The Future of the Brain

Joel Salinas, MD, Instructor, Harvard Medical School

4:00PM The Future of Books

Lisa Sharkey, SVP & Director Creative Development, HarperCollins

4:20PM The Future of the Blockchain

Joseph Lubin, Founder, Consensys

4:40PM The Future of American Leadership

Senator Tim Kaine, Senator to Virginia, U.S. Senate

5:10PM StarTalk All-Stars: Fears, Fantasies, & Ethics of Bioengineering

Hosted by Dr. David Grinspoon, Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Insititute

Guest: Randal J. Kirk, CEO, Intrexon

Co-hosted by comedian Chuck Nice & Eureka! Science Comedy producer Allen Saakyan

The Venue

Located a short walk from the Giants ballpark, Pier 48 is an epic 100,000 square foot warehouse. All tech demos, interactive art installations, food, and speaker sessions will be taking place in or around Pier 48.

Pier 48

This massive pier will play host to the future for two days on March 10th and 11th. Just plug “Pier 48” into your maps application of choice to locate it!

San Francisco, CA 94158

The VIP Experience

  • Early Event Access. Skip the lines! Doors open to VIP ticket holders one hour early on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Reserved Seating at the Speaker Stage. You’ll be guaranteed a seat for even the most packed talks.
  • Speaker Break-Out Sessions. VIP ticket holders will be guaranteed spots in break out sessions.
  • VIP Lounge. Gain access to the VIP lounge where you’ll be able to relax, grab a snack, charge your phone and meet a new friend.
  • Expedited Check-In. Even if you don’t decide to arrive early, you’ll still get to skip the lines for check-in.



Calling all college-level students in the San Francisco Bay area! We are looking specifically for student volunteers who are available March 10th and 11th to come lend a hand at Worlds Fair Nano. Gain admission, get a free t-shirt, and become a part of the future.

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Our Mission

The goal of our company, Worlds Fair USA, is to organize the first Worlds Fair in the U.S. since 1984. We plan to get there by growing the Worlds Fair Nano event series into the 6-month event. The purpose of both Nano and the big Worlds Fair is to connect people to the future in order to inspire them to create it.