Emphasizing the technical advances, Kolkata Police has showcased its emergency response and cybersecurity systems at the ongoing International Kolkata Book Fair.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the emergency response system – Dial 11, the direct call line for assistance.

“Utilizing the GPS technology, controllers swiftly locate the caller’s position, confirming the victim’s presence before delving into incident details. Subsequently, an Action Taken Report (ATR) is filed, progressing through the dispatch room to PCR vans or bikes positioned throughout the city. “We provide quick ambulance and fast PCR van service during any incident,” said Ayantika, the controller of the Dial 100 room.

The stall of Kolkata Police also showcases gadgets used by the police personnel, including the body camera used to record arrests; the lux meter for determining illuminance led baton; breath analyzer to check the presence of alcohol in a person’s blood to prevent drinking and driving among others.

A significant highlight of the stall is the dedicated section on cybersecurity, which focuses on educating visitors about fake links and money opportunities on social media.

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“Nowadays, committing cybercrime doesn’t require a particular laptop or desktop. It can be done using a telephone too. In the last year and a half, Telegram (a messaging app) has been in the limelight for defrauding people,” says Khokhon Ghosh, a constable at the cyber crime branch at Lalbazar police headquarters.

A section of the stall is centered on anti-bankruptcy measures, providing guidance on securing funds in banks and recommended actions during financial crises.

(Taniya Acherjee is an intern at the Kolkata office of The Indian Express)