Category: SF Bios

David Rogier

The Future of Education

CEO & Co-Founder, MasterClass

Michael Weiss

The Future of Manufactured Inspiration

CEO & Co-Founder, Worlds Fair USA

Joe DeSimone

The Future of 3D Manufacturing

CEO & Co-Founder, Carbon

Christopher Schardt

The Future of Art

Artist, LED Labs

Geoffrey Woo

The Future of Biohacking

CEO & C0-Founder, HVMN

Jeff Dillon

The Future of Drones on Mars

Founder, Pure Rockets

Constance Finley

The Future of Botanical Medicine

Founder & CEO, Constance Therapeutics

David Hua

The Future of Cannabis

Co-Founder & CEO, Meadow

Dr. Aubrey de Grey

The Future of Never-Ending Youth

Anti-Aging Research Pioneer & CSO, SENS Research Foundation

Nataly Gattegno

The Future of Cities

Co-Founder, Future Cities Lab