Dozens of law school students put name on letter endorsing terrorism

Dozens of law school students endorse all forms of “Palestinian resistance” including all forms of violence.

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A group of law school students at Toronto Metropolitan University signed and released an open letter over the weekend condoning the Hamas terror attacks. Before it was taken down, 74 students had signed it, many making their names publicly known as endorsers of terrorism.

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The letter is shocking in how clearly it endorses violence of all kinds carried out by Hamas, which those signing knew included the slaughter of children, the elderly, the unarmed, young concertgoers their own age. It’s also shocking that these are not uneducated first year university students, these are people with at least one degree, now working on a law degree.

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At one point, we might have referred to such people as society’s best and brightest but not while espousing these views.

“We, the undersigned, recognize that the apartheid state referred to as “Israel” is a product of settler colonialism. We stand in solidarity with Palestine and all forms of Palestinian resistance and efforts towards liberation,” the letter read.

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And with that, these students, who are studying to become lawyers, officers of the court, endorsed rape, torture, murder and kidnapping as an acceptable form of “Palestinian resistance.”

The letter uses all the latest catchphrases and buzzwords to justify this twisted stance but, in the end, it is driven by a clear hatred towards Israel. The letter blames Israel for all the violence, claims any attempt to lay blame elsewhere is an attempt to shift the narrative away from settler colonialism.


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Settler colonialism is big in this letter, which denies that Israel even exists.

“Israel is not a country, it is the brand of a settler colony,” the letter states.

With this, the signers of the letter are taking part in one of the many forms of anti-Semitism that is rampant on post-secondary campuses, denying Israel’s right to exist. Israel isn’t the country the Palestinian people need to live next to in peace according to this statement, Israel is a fake country with no right to exist.

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This blends well with the favourite chant of the rallies in support of the Palestinian people that has been heard far too often in Toronto recently including this past weekend.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” the chant goes.

While that may seem benign, it is actually a call to wipe Israel off the map, for the Palestinian people to take all the land from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea. This chant isn’t a call for peace, it’s a call for genocide and it is supported by Marxist theories like settler colonialism which would deny Israel’s right to exist.

The leap from denying Israel’s right to exist to endorsing the horrific Hamas attacks of Oct. 7 was a short one for these students. It’s worth noting that this statement came out two weeks after the terrorist attacks were launched, long after the atrocities were confirmed.

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This was not a statement made in the heat of the moment, this was a deliberate declaration on the part of these students on where they stand.

That so many made the leap and made it so boldly, publicly adding their name to a document endorsing barbaric acts, should have us all rethinking how our post-secondary institutions are run. The rot in academia runs deep and has for years but is now made plain to see for everyone.

So far, no comment over the weekend from administration of Toronto Metropolitan University or the Lincoln Alexander School of Law that they are enrolled in but that surely will change.

TMU law letter
A letter signed and released by a group of law school students at Toronto Metropolitan University over the weekend condoning the Hamas terror attacks. Photo by Screenshot

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