Nigeria (MNN) — Massacres have become legitimate daily threats for Christians in Nigeria.

That’s a horrifying reality, but it is reality. Again and again, religious extremists such as the Fulani herdsmen slaughter civilians. They frequently target Christians for their faith. The cost of following Christ for Nigerians is often death.

But according to Greg Kelley of Unknown Nations, the vicious and bloodthirsty dogma driving these attacks is leaving locals with questions. “In a lot of places like Nigeria, Afghanistan, Somalia, when the radicalization of Islam is front and center, I think even moderate Muslims start looking at that,” Kelley says. “Their worldview is challenged to the core.”

For example, the way these extremists treat women is often horrific. “People with daughters. when they see how atrocious women and females are treated, they don’t want their daughters to live in that,” Kelly says.

This leads to open minds which are ripe for singing the Gospel. “The gospel is presented to them. [They] become very open to the message of love and peace and reconciliation. It doesn’t matter who you are, you would have an appetite for that and desire that of your family.”

When Christians are being actively hunted for their faith, there are drastic consequences for curiosity into Christianity, let alone conversion. “They realize if they’re exposed, if the proselytization of individuals sharing the gospel is exposed, there will be great consequences and they will be targeted,” Kelly says. “[And yet] they’re willing to pay that price and accept it for what they believe is a much brighter future.”

There are other obstacles to sharing Christ’s message, including illiteracy. One solution to several of those issues is audio bibles. Unknown Nations distributes thousands of solar-powered audio Bibles in localized languages. If you want to support Unknown Nations’ projects, you can do so right here.

In the meantime, pray that the radical compassion of the Gospel overcomes rampant violence in Nigeria. In the words of Kelley: “The message of Jesus is very different. It’s one of love, even for your fiercest, most aggressive enemy. Jesus called us to pray for them. And when they see that, quite honestly, it shocks and opens up their hearts to the message of the Gospel.

“The key is getting into where the flames are the hottest, rushing in there, and ensuring the salvation message of Jesus.”

Header photo courtesy of Unsplash.