Kansas senator’s bullying of county health officials is the height of self-pertaining to delusion

Kansas Sen. Mark Steffen acts as nevertheless he’s the hero in his possess story. In fact, he’s a solitary condition legislator drunk on imagined electric power.

The Hutchinson anesthesiologist’s higher-on-his-personal-offer tendencies have been clear for a when now, but his hottest posturing warrants distinctive note. He made the decision to send out a letter to the Reno County wellness section, declaring that its operate vaccinating younger small children from COVID-19 was a menace.

“While I get no enjoyment in sending this letter, the citizens of Reno County can no more time endure a health and fitness office that blindly and thoughtlessly follows the politicized CDC and Fda,” Steffen wrote in the email calling for county commissioners to fire their personal health officials. “Your failure to explanation the way by the virus response has led to needless suffering and even dying.”

“I strongly stimulate you to depart instantly on your personal terms as quickly as possible,” he additional.

Who does this man consider he is?

Steffen is a Republican point out senator who was investigated by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for prescribing ineffective, probably dangerous therapies all through the worst pandemic of the past century. He previously utilized Senate letterhead to threaten hundreds of health and fitness treatment vendors throughout the condition for not using ivermectin. He is most surely not a public overall health formal, nor does he have the temperament or intellect to buy close to any one other than a pet ferret. And that ferret is at the moment thinking if it can come across a additional responsible proprietor amid the state’s quality schoolers.

Steffen has ruined the state, Legislature and his constituents. His bullying has remaining concern and bewilderment in its wake, for no superior purpose.

Steffen is most certainly not a community overall health official, nor does he have the temperament or intellect to buy around any one other than a pet ferret. And that ferret is at the moment wanting to know if it can locate a a lot more responsible proprietor amid the state’s quality schoolers.

The male warrants to be stripped of his license to follow medication, taken off from his elected business and employed in a placement superior suited to his apparent talent set: promoting dubious warranties for electronics in a huge-box shop. At the very least a two-yr fix program for the latest video video game console won’t infect you with a novel virus.

The only individual in this circumstance whose actions may well have led to “needless struggling and death” is Steffen himself. Spreading question about vaccines and successful treatment plans for COVID-19 has possible charge life and encouraged the distribute of an infection.

Though several may perhaps behave as however the pandemic has ended, too several in our state wander close to unprotected. Only 55.4% of Kansans have gained each of their original vaccinations in opposition to the virus, according to the Kansas Department of Wellness and Surroundings. Fewer than a million point out inhabitants have acquired a booster shot. These boosters play a vital job in protecting from severe disease and loss of life as extra variants flow into.

Contemplate what would have occurred if Steffen took a different route.

Consider what would have transpired if he promoted vaccines and science-primarily based remedies. In central Kansas, he could have been a leader in softening the blow of the pandemic. He could have saved life. He could have been a profile in bravery during the darkest days of 2020 and 2021. He could have joined the honorable case in point of Salina Rep. Steven Howe, who publicly advocated for vaccination and shared his path away from skepticism.

Steffen designed a different preference. He embraced conspiracy theories and political expediency.

July of 2022 is not July of 2021 or 2020. The vaccines from COVID-19 have confirmed on their own protected and helpful. About 260 million men and women in the United States have been vaccinated, and they haven’t mutated into werewolves or come to be magnetic or acquired radio broadcasts inside their heads from the Illuminati. They have been guarded against a virus.

We also can use efficient treatments now, these kinds of as the antiviral Paxlovid. Health professionals know much more about the ailment and don’t have to grapple in the darkish to have an understanding of what’s happening. We do not have to stress. We can hold ourselves and our families safe and sound.

We can give up the horse paste and laying on of palms.

We can give up bullying and anti-science tirades.

But can Mark Steffen?

Sherri Crump

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