Opportunities for Transformation

In the face of challenges, Atlanta finds unique opportunities for transformation. The report’s authors propose a public-private partnership, dubbed Startup Mill, as a means of addressing gaps, coordinating efforts, and propelling rapid growth in entrepreneurship. The city benefits from a large annual influx of tech graduates, creating a continuous pool of skilled professionals for the tech industry.

With major corporations investing in innovation infrastructure, Atlanta has an opportunity to solidify its position as a prominent tech hub. Leveraging and expanding cultural events presents another avenue to enhance the city’s appeal on a national and international scale.

“Atlanta isn’t alone in tackling the challenges of fostering entrepreneurship, but we are determined to be the first in setting a new standard of success in developing an inclusive approach to growing our tech industry,” said City of Atlanta Senior Technology Advisor Donnie Beamer . “We can amplify impact by leveraging our collective strengths, such as our esteemed higher education institutions, corporations, and business infrastructure. This concerted step-change produces a transformative leap forward in growth, propelling our city onto an entirely bold trajectory.”

Within this landscape, Georgia Tech serves as an anchor institution, not only producing highly skilled graduates and cutting-edge research that forms the bedrock of startup ventures, but also making investments that demonstrate its commitment to growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Atlanta.