Sam Altman-led OpenAI could release GPT-5, the next generation of its multimodal large language model, in the next few months. The company could introduce GPT-5 sometime in mid-year during summer, according to a BusinessInsider report citing two people familiar with the company. OpenAI has reportedly offered demos to enterprise customers.

“It’s really good, like materially better,” said one CEO who recently saw a version of GPT-5, according to the report. Sales to enterprise customers is one of OpenAI’s main revenue streams and it makes the sense that the company is offering these features to these customers.

In the meantime, the company is also moving towards deploying its technology on humanoid robots. The startup will collaborate with Figure AI to develop humanoid robots designed to be deployed in the workforce.

This partnership will combine OpenAI’s research with Figure’s

understanding of both hardware and software in robotics. Figure aims to accelerate its timeline by giving its humanoid robots the to process and “reason” from natural language.

Festive offers

Humanoid robots seem to be all the fad with big technologies all racing against each other to develop their solutions. NVIDIA on Tuesday announced Project GR00T, which is a general-purpose foundation model for humanoid robots. The company also unveiled a new computer called Jetson Thor for humanoid robots along with upgrades to its Isaac robotics platform.

OpenAI this year also one upgraded its ChatGPT chatbot and DALL.E image generation tool with the introduction of Sora, new AI software that can seemingly create hyper-realistic one-minute videos based on text prompts. Sora still seems to be in the red teaming phase, where the company identifies flaws in the system.

But GPT-5 could be a little farther than expected because it doesn’t seem to have entered the red teaming phase yet. Also, expected dates could be pushed back further if OpenAI finds issues in a demonstration in testing.