Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 7th edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha‘ at the Bharat Mandapam in Delhi. At this public event, the Prime Minister interacted with “exam warriors” and discussed several topics with them. This includes the use of mobile phones, parent-child relationships, and choosing a specific stream among others and others.
While talking about the use of mobile phones, PM Modi said “excess of everything is bad” and advised students to reduce their screen time. Nearly 2 crore students, parents, and teachers took part in this event. After the event, Modi also welcomed the students present at the venue for the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ 2024 event.

PM Modi’s tips to reduce screen time

At the event, Modi said: “I use mobile phones only when required. Add screen time alert tools in mobile. Try reducing your screen time.”
The Prime Minister also suggested family members be aware of the passwords of the mobile phones of their children.

“Not only mobile but excess of anything…doesn’t do anyone any good. There should be a standard for everything, it has a basis. It is very important to have discretion as to how much of anything should be used. We should not run away from technology but should use it positively,” he said.
“Using gadgets should be accompanied by time-tracking tools and applications. Ensure that your gadgets have apps that keep track of your screen time. One should not forget to respect their time while using mobile phones. We should have the wisdom to use technology positively,” added the Prime Minister.
Modi also asked students to set small goals and said, “At times children take pressure on themselves that they are not performing up to the mark. I suggest that you should set small goals during preparation and gradually improve your performance, this way you will be completely ready before the exams.”