Food Trucks & Future Food

Future food means free samples of chewable coffee, seaweed bars, drinkable meals, and more! For lunch, you’ll also find SF’s top food trucks parked outside along with a beer garden and shaded lounge.


Step outside and take a break from all of the action. You’ve been absorbing future all morning and now it’s time to refuel. All future food samples are first come first served, so come early!

Food Trucks

We have SF’s finest food trucks parked outside for lunch, snacks, and dinner too. Think lobster rolls, Philly cheese steaks, brick oven pizza, hot dumplings, ice cream, vegetarian/vegan options, and more!

Future Food

Try algae bars, chewable coffee, drinkable meals, and other delectable bites from the future.

Ice Cream Tacos!?

Bring your sweet tooth and enjoy some ice cream tacos from one of SF’s favorite food trucks- Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos!

Beer Garden

Take a break from the future, grab a nice cold beer, have a seat at a picnic bench, and enjoy a beautiful March day in San Francisco!


Relax, recharge, and get back in there! We’ve got plenty of caffeine to keep you experiencing the future all day long.

Free Food Giveaways

The future may not be free, but you’ll find free samples galore at WFN all weekend.