For all those who want a techie job, here is a programming language they should learn to get their dream job and high pay. Python is a widely used computer programming language. It is used in various domains such as web development, software creation, task automation, and data analysis. It is capable of addressing diverse programming needs without being limited to specific problem domains. Because of its user-friendly nature, Python has emerged as one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in modern times.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey conducted in 2023, Python has been ranked as the 3rd most popular programming language. The survey participants reported using Python for most of their development work, because of its significant presence and relevance in the programming community.

Uses of Python

AI and Machine learning

Python is a stable, flexible, and simple programming language. Because of this, it’s perfect for various machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) projects. There are various Python libraries available such as SciPy and Pandas for Machine Learning and AI.

Data analysis

Python allows data analysts to use the language to perform complex statistical calculations, create data visualizations, build machine learning algorithms, manipulate and analyze data, and complete other data-related tasks.


Python can help you perform your daily tasks with effective automation. The code that is used to build these automated processes is known as scripting. Coders use automation to check for errors across multiple files, convert files, execute simple math, and remove duplicates in data.

Software testing and prototyping

Python can help in performing tasks like building control, bug tracking, and testing in software development. Software developers can automate testing for new products or features with the help of Python.

Apps to learn Python

MIMO: It is a simple app that provides in-depth knowledge of Python. It is easy to understand and covers most of the Python topics. It offers interactive exercises. Users can work on real-time projects to accomplish their goals. Users can also do web development using this app.

Programming heroes: It offers a fun way of learning Python by playing games. Children interested in learning Python can easily learn by solving puzzles and exercises. They also provide video tutorials to learn app development or website development.

Programming hub: This is a beginner-friendly app. It is best for those who have begun to learn Python from scratch. There are several exercises that help in learning better and faster. The puzzles present in this app make it fun to learn.

SoloLearn: This app provides the best way to learn to code. It offers many exercises to solve after completion of each topic in Python. It has many Python tutorials for easy and better understanding.